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How do I register for 'The Fittest Online'?

We have teamed up with Competition Corner for all of our registration and leaderboard needs. So just press the 'register now' button at the top of this screen or head over to https://competitioncorner.net/events/4210

Who is this competition for? 

We believe this competition is for everyone, there are some minimum standards that need to be met to start each workout but we believe most people will be able to start all the workouts. The bigger prizes go to the overall worldwide winners but we are also running 'Fittest in The Gym' simultaneously which gives the opportunity to win cash prizes in your own gym.

What are the minimum standards? 

To be able to start each of the workouts we suggest you should be able to complete a few reps of each of these movements:

Cals on C2 rower
Snatches at 40/30kg
Toes to Bar
Front Squats 40/30
Box jumps 24/20
Deadlifts 110/70
Wall Balls 9/6

What is 'Fittest in The Gym'?

Everyone will have the opportunity to filter the leaderboard to see who is leading in their gym, but the stakes are even higher for any gym with over 40 competitors registered from their gym. The top male and female from each of these gyms at the end of the competition will win $250. Simply register for 'The Fittest Online', convince others at your gym to sign up, then throw down to see who is the fittest in the gym.

When will the workouts be released?

Two workouts will be released via social media, email and on our website each Monday at 12:01am NZST time. Competitors will then have until 9:00pm NZST that Sunday to complete the workouts for that week and upload their scores.

02 November - Workout One and Two released at 12:01am (NZST)
09 November - Workout Three and Four released at 12:01am (NZST)
16 November - Workout Five and Six released at 12:01am (NZST)

How do I submit my scores?

Competitors are allowed to complete the workouts as many times as desired within the allocated time, but only one score submission is allowed for each workout. All submissions must be received by 9:00PM NZST on the designated day. No late entries will be accepted.

For your entry to be valid and to receive any cash prizes, all your workouts must be recorded (this includes ‘Fittest in The Gym’ winners). We have teamed up with WODProof to make this easy, just download the app, search ‘The Fittest Online’ in the qualifiers section and all of the workouts for each week will be preloaded there for ease of filming.

Do I have to video my workouts?

We recommend that everyone videos their workouts so if you're asked to provide video evidence then its no trouble. We've teamed up WODProof to make this process as easy as possible, all workouts will be preloaded here. Simply download the app, create your account, head to the qualifiers section, search 'The Fittest Online' and use the preloaded workout timers for each of the events.

To be eligible for any prizes (including 'Fittest in The Gym' winners) you must have videoed all your workouts. If the requested video cannot be provided within in 24 hours of being requested then that score will become invalid.

What's the prize money breakdown? 

Overall Winners
The overall male and female winners at the end of the 3 weeks will receive $10,000 each, the second place male and female overall will receive $5,000 each and the third place male and female overall will receive $2,500 each.

Workout Winners
The top male and female for each workout will receive $1,000 each.

Gym with the Most Entries
The gym with the most competitors registered at the end of the registration period will receive $10,000.

Fittest in The Gym Winners
The top male and female overall from each gym with over 40 competitors registered will win $250.

*All prize amounts are in NZD

*All cash prizes will be paid out through Stripe, to receive any cash prizes you will need to set up a stripe account (our team will guide all winners through this process).

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